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    Default How long does the hiring process take?

    From what I've been reading it seems like the hiring process for firefighters takes a while. Testing is done every couple of years or something like that? The reason I ask is because I am currently a sophomore in college and will be taking my EMT-B class in the fall or next spring and am trying to figure out when a good time to apply is. I want to finish my degree first, but don't want to sit around for 2 years after graduation before I can get a job....it would be much better to go to the academy soon after graduation.

    Thank you

    P.S. Sorry for the rushed message but I'm a little short on time...hope it's not too unclear

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    I would say it all comes down to youre qualifications/experience and how aggressive you are at going and testing. I've met people that took one test out of nowhere, with no fire experiece at all and get hired, but I have also met people that got hired after 20+. There is no way to nail down a specific amount of time that it will take you. But I would say that 2-3 years wouldnt be a bad guess. Good luck!

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    It is all about timing and the specific departments that you apply to. Could take 4 months, could take 2+ years, or it could turn out that you are not as strong or smart as you think you are and you could never get hired at all. All depends on the needs of the departments you apply to at the time that you apply.
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    Can someone please explain what all this means:

    Current Appointment Information ( Exam # 2043 )
    The FDNY is appointing from Firefighter List #2043, which was established on May 5, 2004. To date, we have appointed 1940 eligibles from Firefighter List #2043; 299 eligibles entered the March 25, 2007 class. We reached List #4010.

    Promotion To Firefighter List # 0532
    The Promotion to Firefighter List #0532 was established on September 3, 2003. One eligible was appointed to the March 25, 2007 class from this list.

    Promotion To Firefighter List # 4532
    The Promotion to Firefighter List #4532 was established on August 17, 2005. No eligibles from this list entered the March 25, 2007 class.

    Future Probationary Firefighter Classes (subject to change)

    November 2007

    Eligibles will come from Firefighter Lists #2043, #4532.

    To the uneducated, i.e. me, it seems as though they are hiring applicants that took the test in 2004, which means that, theoretically, if I were to take the test in '08 and did well, I wouldn't be offered a position in the fire academy until about 2011. Meaning it takes 3 years from the completion of the test to finally get appointed a slot in the academy. Am I reading and understanding this correctly?

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    I don't know much about FDNY but with a lot of bigger cities, you get put on eligibility lists after you pass everything. So that list is good until the next time they test which means yes, it could take you that long. However others may be getting hired in the first group off that list. I'm testing with Madison, WI now. I took my written in the beginning of Feb. I just took my physical agility this month. Then I will be taking my oral sometime next month I think(still waiting for the letter after passing the PAT) If I pass the oral I then get put on the eligibility list. That list is good for two more years. Which means I could be taken this Fall or taken winter of '08. Depends on the dept but there it is completely random on the people they take. They call your band(group of people on the list with you) when they want to run a class through the academy and put them on the job. Then that group gets interviewed by the chief. They pass that and they are put into the academy. Hope that makes sense. It changes with every dept though. Smaller depts usually go through their process a lot faster.

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