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    Default Sandy Berger voluntarily surrendered his law license.

    “It now looks like the American people will never learn how—and why—Bill Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy ‘Sticky Fingers’ Berger, stole and destroyed classified documents from the National Archives. That’s because Berger—in a significant, but little-noticed, move—has short-circuited the last investigation into his sordid little burglary. As Byron York reports at National Review Online, Berger last week voluntarily surrendered his law license. Now, that’s hardly as serious a step as it sounds, since—as Berger freely admitted—’I have not [practiced law] for 15 years and do not envision returning to the profession.’ What it does, however, is prematurely end an investigation by the District of Columbia Bar Association into Berger’s confessed thievery. It also means that details of the probe, which would have been made public, now remain sealed. So much for the public’s right to know... Two years ago, Berger finally admitted that his story was a lie. He pleaded guilty, paid a $50,000 fine and was sentenced to two years probation. Unfortunately, he wasn’t required to explain in open court just what he was trying to conceal. Congressional Republicans would dearly love to question him, but they’re in the minority now. And don’t expect self-styled Capitol Hill watchdog Henry Waxman’s House Oversight Committee, which sees GOP conspiracies everywhere, to show even the slightest interest in Democratic malfeasance. Which left the D. C. bar as the last hope for transparency on the Berger mess. Until last week... Score one for Mr. Happy Pants.” —The New York Post
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    This is perhaps one of the most important 9-11 related stories. It is truly astounding how a person with a top secret security clearance, who clearly knew the ramifications of removing (no less stealing) documents from the National Archives, and who removed the documents for the rather obvious purpose of witholding info from the 9-11 Commission could get away with this crime. I hope and pray that the Attorney General sees through this nonsense and launches an investigation.

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    I wouldn't trust anything from the liberal media.
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