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    Default Job offer after Volunteer

    Hello All,

    I am getting ready to start my recuit class for a combination department as a volunteer recurit. I am going in with the intentions of trying to learn more about firefighting and if this is a career I would be interested doing full time. The chief is aware that these are my intentions and has told me he supports it and is fine with the department. Has anyone been offered a full time job from a vollie position? Is this a good way to try and become a full time firefighter?



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    Work hard, keep your nose clean, dont talk bad about anyone, be very positive always and get all your certs nessary to test for a career position....

    Good Luck!!!!!

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    There are a lot of combo depts in my neck of the woods that hire exclusively from the volunteer ranks. Even if they don't, the experience will no doubt give you some preparation for the test.

    If you want to go on to a bigger dept it might not be as helpful, but like anything else you choose to do, the effort you put into it, and the experiences and lessons you take from it will be reflected in the end product.

    Have fun, and study hard.
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