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    Also going to order one of the new survivior led light to see how that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5alarmcooker View Post
    our department issues the survivor right angles standard were still using the non LED and i have seen both and personally like the non LED survivor better second light is a streamlight 4AA with the 7 LEDs helmet mounted and i just got that recently and we had our first structure where we could test it me and another young guy have em both helmet mounted and the rest of our department made fun of us till we went in and they all had light boxes and right angle lights that would put a single beam and wouldnt really light up the room well we flipped on ours and it was like let there be light needless to say when we came out they stopped makin fun of our lights either way id like to see this 7 led type design used in a right angle light because like someone else said the LEDs are easy to keep track of people you can see ur partner if there on the other side of a room smoke filled second i like the way the 7 leds or more disperses the light wide and doesnt emit a single beam with my little helmet light i light up the room bright where as a single beam light just lights up what its pointed at just my 2 cents.
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    I have a Little Ed on the coat, as well as a garrity on the lid.

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    Default cheap & functional

    I carry a Garrity on my lid with rubber band mounting kit...

    It proved it's durability yesterday. It fell off of my lid and bounced off the road after a car fire. I then proceeded to step on it (nice, eh?). When I picked it up, it was almost completely split in half. I gave it a nice whack to pop it back together, and it works like a charm.

    It's also nice that if it would have stopped working, I'd only be out about 3 bucks! I do want to add another small lights to my jacket pocket though. Any recommendations on a good smoke cutting light?

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    Fenix P3D. 160 lumens in less then the size of a mini mag.BTW those who think led are not as bright as incans need to be brought up to speed . The new leds and the Cree ones like in the Fenix are blinding.Mine is several times brighter then a full size maglite. Mags btw are looked at like a model T would be on todays roads.

    I always carry a back up because one is none and two is one .

    Also great for ems, inspecting etc. no need to lug some big heavy out dated thing around.

    Heres a good start for those who are interested. www.candlepowerforums.com
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