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Looking for some feedback about a problem we are currently facing. The senior citizens in my community have used the firehouse for the past several years to hold there annual garage sale. The current Chief raised some safety concerns he has regarding them walking threw the parking lot while members are responding to emergencies. It was discussed at the meeting and the membership voted to end all public use of the building.The other group that used the firehouse graciously accepted the decision and made other arrangements. But it seems the seniors feel itís a public building and for them to use when they like. Our call volume has doubled in the past 2 years and the safety concerns are legitimate because our parking lot can barely accommodate us. In addition we would lose the use of our day room for 2 days. Any experiences or suggestions will be helpful
That building is a firehouse first and any public usage that interferes with that should be prohibited. I would help them find an alternative place for their garage sale, maybe help them with it if they find a place.