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    Default Invitation to Strength / Endurance Training by Mike Stefano

    My name I Mike Stefano, I'm the author of the Firefighter's Workout Book and the fitness editor here at Firehouse.Com.

    Firefighting is about endurance, but with strength. Most Americans, including firefighters, are not going about their training in the best way. That's the big problem with lack of motivation and people staying with programs. Nobody is being told how to prepare for what's now finally perceived as an extreme physical event - firefighting.

    We need to be able to operate for a good 20 minutes at a clip, and possibly 30 minutes or more - all while under load. Bench pressing and running long distances is not enough.

    Over the last few years and since my first book was published. I've developed some innovative training protocols that directly address our issues, I urge you guys, and anybody interested in really doing something about this situation, to check out my website and embrace a new way to train. If your departments won't do anything to help, it's up you, the individual, like it or not, to take control.

    I've written a few articles recently (posted in the health and fitness section) and invite you all to open your minds to some new ideas about firefighter fitness and performance.

    Firehouse.Com Health and Fitness Section:

    Be well.
    Michael Stefano
    Author of The Firefighter's Workout Book

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    Your links don't work.

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