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    Default Apply for Vegas in OCT?

    Just curious as to what the vets think about a greenhorn applying in October to take the LVFD written exam in Jan '08? I am currently working on my bachelors degree and still have about 4 semesters until I graduate. However, I thought I could still apply for the test and I would gain experience in what the test is like and all that good stuff, even though I'm not sure I would take the job if I passed everything and was offered it, because I really want that degree. Wise or not so much? Ideas, comments, thoughts?

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    Apply for it, but do everything you can to prepare. If you get the job and take it. Is your whole goal in life to be a firefighter or have a college degree? If you want to be a firefighter and have a college degree you will find a way to make it work.

    If you are dead set on waiting until you get the degree, apply anyway to get the experience. I apply with every dept in my area even if I don't want to work there because experience with interviewing never hurts. But I have found out once I walk into a station for my interview and see the apparatus sitting there I instantly want to work there.

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