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    hi, does anyone know if it would be possible to become EMT certified before Sept 15.

    Anyone get certified through an organization other than hillsborough community college.

    I am asking because I want to get my Paramedic Cert and if I get my Emt Cert through community college I will not be able to begin the Paramedic courses until the summer of 08 becasue of deadlines.

    Any information is appreciated.

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    I've talked to guys who went through EMT bootcamps in indiana and california. its only 2 weeks long, but i'd be weary defintaly want to check this stuff out before throwing money on it.


    a couple of guys in my fireacademy class went there and they swear by it, but i decided to go with the 3 month local program. and the hours at these camps are just the bare minimium to get certified and personally if im gonna be saving lives i want the best training available not just the bare minimium

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    Wow 2 weeks!!? That is kind of scary. In my humble opinion that is just not enough time to prepare you for Medic school or working out in the field. You really don't want to rush through and then be totally lost.

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