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    For a long time now there has been the long standing debate on whether or not debrefing after a critical incident, disaster and mass casualty incidents is useful. I am currently working on a project with our friends at the Department of Homeland Security's Study of Terrorism and Responses to Natural Disasters (START). I want to get a general idea of what First Responders think of Debrefing and its usefulness or lack of. Please send me your replies and we can work together to relay your thoughts and concerns to our people in Washington. Thank you, good luck and stay safe.

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    First, I think there is a HUGE misconception about CISD. CIS-Debriefing is a small slice of the CIS-Management concept "pie". Any student of the concept will tell you that debriefing is a positive tool, but CISM is a box full of other tools that often go overlooked. Pre-incident, defusing, debriefing, follow-up and one-on-one.

    Second, many departments are unaware of what is out there. There is no REAL networking or implementation system that a department can go to for information and get a group of TRAINED peers together to help them through a critial incident aftermath.

    Finally, I do believe CISM is benificial, but still rarely used. Many times this great concept is made out to be just too complicated for the average first responder to grasp. I think more chiefs, officers and leaders in the departments need to encourage PRE-incident education.

    I would hope that our fine governmental leadership would listen to the people who belong to the small "bread and butter" departments who go through horrible situations, where many times we personally know those people who are involved, that have an impact on small community first responders.

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    I'll throw in my 5 cents. I think the model of defusing and debriefing is really good. It helps people and eases suffering. Simple as that. However I think emergency organisations need to do 2 things before that happens. 1 is to promote the system, show that it's there for the troops. Take away the fear of the unknown and that people involved won't get their head shrinked or some weakness used against them. Show that the information comes from solid ground and isn't just a "group hug". 2 I strongly feel that the program should have a follow up session of self care techniques. Basic information of how to deal with critical incident stress situations. Do those and then you'll have more acceptence of a defuse or a debrief. It will just become part of a stations duties and the mystery will be dissolved and so many problems will be averted.

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