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Thread: Rank SOG/SOP

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    Default Rank SOG/SOP

    Does anyone have an SOG or SOP that identifies the process involved in firefighters getting rank?


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    Lack of a shower will get me rank fairly quicky...


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    If you mean officer development, no, my department does not.

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    Talking Well............

    With the Heat and Humidity around here, we just keep folks on duty for a while, they tend to get rank fairly quick......
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    For Company Officer (Lt.) a minimum 3 years on the job and a Florida Fire Officer certification lets you sit for the promotional process. The process is a written test, practical command simulation, training simulation, conflict resolution simulation and Chiefs interview.
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    Yes we do.

    Chief and Asst. Chief appointed by the Board. Must have FF1-2, So many years in service.

    Caprt./Lt. positions appointed by Chief and Asst. Chief. Must have a minimum of FF 1-2, Haz-Mat Op. Minimum of 3yrs as a FF.

    Safety/Training (Div.Chief) Appointed by Chief and Asst. Chief. Must have a minimum of 5 yrs in an officer position. FF 1 -2, Haz-Mat Ops. Instructor 1, and other Certs.

    These were just placed in our SOG's last December. It is the first time for this. Finally got away from the "Good Ole Boy" promotional process.


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    I have heard of some deperatment having requirements such as:

    certian amount of years service for each level of officer

    increasing Levels of training and certification fro each level

    A.D in fire science for Battallion Chief or higher.

    Test for each level of officers

    I would like to see an SOG if anyone has one on this,


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    Chief and Assistant Chief are the only Two positions that are appointed by the Mayor without a test. Every other rank requires a civil service promotional exam, or entry exam for Probationary FF. There are requirements to even be allowed to take each test

    LT- Must have been a line FF for a minimum Five full years.

    Capt- Line FF for Five years and LT for Three years

    DC- Line FF for Five years, Lt for Three years, Capt for Three years.

    Keep in mind, these are minimum requirements as far as years of experience required in order to sit for the test. Officer's here are rarely, if ever, made so soon. The norm here is Seven+ years to make Lt, 10+ years to make Capt, and 15-20 to make DC. That's for guys that are really on the ball and also good test takers. College degrees are not required, although are helpful in the Fire Commission interview. Can't remember too much else right now.

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