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    Default info needed on SC FD's; pay,benefits,etc..

    I'm from out of state possibly looking to move to SC and would like some info./recommendations on SC Fire Depts.. What depts have highest pay,best retirements and work schedules. Also do depts. have defined benefit pensions(thru the city or state) or 401K's. thanks

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    What area are you thinking about moving too? Greenville County has some good paid departments as well as areas around Columbia.

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    Me Too. My Wife Is Considering A Transfer To The Area. I'm More Interested In How Difficult It Is To Get A Job. Here In Florida There Are Hundreds Of Apps For A Few Openings Every Time There Is A Hiring Anywhere. It's VERY Difficult If You Are Not A Medic. Also, Does The State Recognize Pro Board Cert? What About NREMT?

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    I dont know about Pro Board but NREMT yes. Everyone in the state that is new to certification in any level is NREMT. If your looking for money, there is none in South Carolina.
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    The SCFA will grant reciprocity for Pro-Board certs. I know FF1 will transfer over. I believe all you have to do is mail in a copy of your pro board cert along with a small fee (I think its $20) the academy will verify it and then send you an IFSAC cert. You can check the scfa website for more info on reciprocity.

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