Somewhat bad news here folks. I called Wal-Mart Corporate Foundation yesterday after recieving a "heads up" from a client and it seems that they have decided to do away with the Safe Neighborhood Heroes Grant Program ( bummer!).

What they did was just roll that program back into their Community Grants so it is still there but, just not by the previous name; you will now have to apply under their Community Grants program and compete with all the others in the community.

My clients are still having success with Wal-Mart and they are still one of the biggest "corprorate givers" in the US to public saftey agencies so don't "dis" them too badly for this coporate decison they have made.

Follow their guidlines and do a fundraiser intheir parking lot and they will match you up to a $1000 dollars and then once that dollar amount is given out for the store , they can start giving direct grants to you.