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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny46 View Post
    I have to lengthen the message to 10 characters because Firehouse does not appreciate succinct answers.
    I have to say YES also...in this situation the best chance to save someone is with quick ventilation quick attack and quick search and rescue and to have firefighters that are not afraid to do their job...

    Where might you find a person alive...in the bathroom with door closed, in a bedroom with door closed or in the closet with door closed. Come on guys, there are MANY places that a kid and/or adult could be hiding from the fire in a house like this under these conditions and still be alive.

    Our job is to fight fires and save lives...not to stand around the outside and say that this place is to unsafe for me to enter. With GOOD tactics and training we can try to make it safe. One of the BEST ways to make these fires safe is to VENTILATE the roof. It needs to be done ASAP and if at all possible at the same time the attack line is going in. If you are a FF you need to know your equipment and you job. You must have the ability and the will to do that job. If ordered to the roof you must be able to get to the roof and cut your hole with in minutes and then get off. We need to learn how to do things safely but quickly.

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    Default You've got it right Matty

    Quote Originally Posted by MattyJ View Post
    In NYC we rarely cut peaked roof PD's. It is not an initial tactic, as horizontal ventilation is most often sufficient. Even flat roof PD's or MD's do not get cut unless fire is directly under the roof boards, or in some cases an inspection hole might be cut if there is reason to suspect fire has entered the cockloft or attic. There are probably an average of four or five private dwelling fires daily in NYC, and I would say almost none are cut. I think many places cut, simply out of habit. Cutting should be done as a means of preventing horizontal fire spread, not simply to clear an attic space of residual smoke.

    You are exactly right. Most private dwellings can usually be vented horizontally. We have a lot of balloon frame structures, so we have the opportunity to also do a good amount of vertically venting.

    For the most part though, taking a couple of windows and performing, natural ventilation, hydraulic ventilation or (PPV, when appropriate), works well for us.

    However, I won't pass judgement on those in the video because I wasn't there. You just never know...

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