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Thread: Transfer

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    Default Transfer

    I want to know how to find out where my certification will transfer too!

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    If you are referring to Michigan certs, nowhere outside of Michigan. Some places may allow you to challenge the tests vs going back to the course, but there is no place I know of that accepts MI certs.

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    Holton, MI

    Thumbs down dumm

    I dont understand that is our tranning so lack that we no state will even thinks about letting the 8,000 of us transfer into anouther state.

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    YEA NO WHERE!!! Definitely ****es me off i just graduated from lake state with my associates and my certs go no where!!!! basically 3 years of useless education expense for the most part i will post soon i did however send all my stuff in to be checked by the Texas state fire marshals division but have yet to hear back. hopefully wont be too long....

    Holton huh you on there? im from norton shores... well talk to you guys later and good luck if u hear anything new let me know as well please

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