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    Question more advice

    Hey everyone thanks in advance to any one that responds.... I've just rececently started my career with a small department. Its a very good fire department with really good people and im very lucky to be where im at. The only problem is ive had my heart set for the longest time on having a career with a different, much larger, fire department. I guess my question is when is it ok to start testing again? Im still on probation and will be for another 8 months or so. Would it be professional or right to take another job while im still on probation? If anyone has gone through something like this before your advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    If you really, REALLY have your heart set on the other job, take that one and only one test only. And do NOT say a word to anyone at your new place.

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    Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to test for other departments while you are hired with another department. Lets face it, know a days people move a lot more from fire department to fire department then they did in the old days. People move for different reasons, some move from smaller departments to larger departments and vice versa. I think what you need to realize is that the fire service is a small world and it is a tight knit community. So if you test somewhere else especially in the same area or state it is likely that someone from your department will find out. The guys at your department will either take it one of two ways. One, they will think that you are not focused on your job at your current department, especially while you are still so new to the department and on probation. The others, the ones that have probably been in your shoes will realize that you just want something else from a department that your current department cannot offer and they will understand your situation and wish you the best of luck. From my experience it is pretty easy to see at the firehouse who you can confide in and not, this will become important if you need good references from your old job to start your new job. Last piece of advice is make sure you know what you are getting into with the larger department. Bigger is not always better. Yes, most larger departments offer more chances to gain experience, which can be beneficial to a newbie. But, sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side. The truth is you are the one that has to make the decision, I don't think there is a specific time frame at which it becomes more acceptable to leave a department for another job. If the larger department is truly where you want to be then you should go for it. That way you won't set back 10 years from now with regret. Best of luck to you.
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