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    Default Maximum Age To Be Hired?????

    Is there a maximum age to be hired as a firefighter in Illinois? I see 35yo listed many times, is that law?

    could a pension fund turn me down for entry into the fund if I'm older than 35yo. I've been a part time fireifghter but never a full time or civil service ff before

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    Not fact but I think that the 35y/o things has to do with a city wanting you to have your 20 years in by age 55 or 25 years in by age 60. I think it is more determined by the particular entity not a law, but not 100% sure on that.

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    it seems to be a departmental issue, I think it was springfield that I seen raised age limits, actually I am not sure it is legal to even have age limits as it is a form of discrimination. but I am not sure it has ever been challenged and I could be wrong too LOL

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