Looking for a big brother department to adopt us. This is becoming more and more popular here in Texas.

A larger (usually a Paid City Department) adopts a small (usually Volunteer) department to help them with equipment aquisition or any other need the smaller department might need that the larger department can help with.
This may be in the form of Retired Apparatus, Gear, SCBA's, Extrication Equipment, or any other equipment that would never be a possibilty for smaller departments unless they are lucky enough to receive a grant of some sort. Most grants are on a percentage basis with the grantor paying 75% to 90% of the grant with the grantee paying the remainder.

Although these grants are a god send to a great number of departments the smaller Volunteer Departments usually still cannot afford their portion even if they are awarded a grant.

This is our case. Our department covers approximately 55 sq. miles in NE Texas and provides First Responder and Fire/Rescue Services to an older population of fixed income citizens. We are an unincorporated town and receive only $3000 from our County Government per year. This barely covers our fuel bill and I'm afraid with the increase in gas prices it will not do that this year. The rest of our budget comes strictly from donations and fundraisers.

We are in desperate need of equipment, especially a dependable pumper.

If you know of a larger department that could possibly help us, please let me know.

R. Blackerby
Chief, Randolph VFD