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    Default Question for the Firefighter/Paramedics

    How much time do you spend riding the "bus" v. on a engine/truck?
    Do you do shifts? One tour on the ambo your next on off? Or do you have to wait for a spot to open up to move to a engine/truck?
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    Bro it all depends on what/how the department operates. I'm going to give you the basic South Florida answer. If you have a Blue Patch(Fl Paramedic) you're probably going to be married to the Nurse Wagon until you get promoted to Driver or higher. Some FD's do rotate their people, 1-2 shifts on the box, 1-2 riding backwards. It also depends on the amount of medics you have, ALS engines,SOP's on who is the medic on the engine etc. My department varies by shift because of the number of medics on each. I can count on one hand how many times I've been in the jump seat over the last 5 years, and I'm in the top 3 for FF/PM seniority on my shift, but I know guys with 2-3 years on that always ride the engine on the other shifts. That also means that you have to take it upon yourself to keep up on engine/truck stuff, and most promotions come from the FF/PM rank not the FF/EMT because of this or the possibility of getting off the box. Don't get me wrong, I do have fun on the box, but it is nice to get a break sometimes.

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