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    Default American Lafrance Isn"t What It Was In The 1970's!!

    My department had ALF'S in the 1970's and had a great deal of luck with them. Because of that we decided to give them a try three years ago, now we have had several issues with paint pealing, overall quality with the interior and problems with the pump discharge handle linkage always being tight and difficult to open, has anyone else had similar problems?

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    My dept purchased an ALF Eagle pumper three years ago. We have had good service and preformance of the unit. The issues we did have with the unit we brought to the attention of the dealer and they addressed all of them. All fire apparatus manufacturers have issues. We have a Pierce that cost $450,000 and at 5 yeras old is rusting apart! The difference is the Pierce dealer is non responsive...which is why we bought the ALF two years later. Their service and communication to our Chief is excellent, while calls to Pierce go unreturned for days... Being in New England we get some of the harshest conditions in the country and I understand that this new stuff they are putting on the roads, a liquid de-icer of some sort, is a major issue for all apparatus manufactuers having corrosion issues. My suggestion is make the local service dealer aware of your issues and give them the opportunity to correct the issues. If they fail...then move on to someone else as they will not have deserved your departments business. Good luck.

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    Our department has purchased a few ALF pumpers in the past decade. I hope we start looking elsewhere - last unit was delivered 6 months late after the due date!!! Seems their attitude these days is a shrug of the shoulder and "if you don't buy from us, someone else will" - don't care about the single customers. Would rather do bulk business with bigger cities.

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    We spec'd or Rig and received ours in a timely manner. This even when ALF was swapping around the plant. We are a 1st time buyer and our rep stayed with us thru 2 grant cycles. I wouldnt say that is a company just looking out for the big guy.
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    Wasn't it just a few years ago freightliner owned ALF???

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