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    I have a situation I hope you brothers can help with. I work at a fairly small department. I am one of the senior guys on our shift. There are a couple guys that work full time with me and we also volunteer together. On the volunteer dept these other guys have more senoirty than me. The problem is at work these guys are lazy, good but lazy around the station. At the volunteer dept. they are not lazy. I do not know how to approach these guys. I just feel very awkward. I am older than these guys and I want to be a good influence. Is there any advise?

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    This could get ugly. I would attempt to have a talk with them and find out what the problem is. What do you mean by lazy? What does your officer think of this or does your officer know whats going on at all? Yes you should have senority over these guys. This is all I'll say intil you provide more info.

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    Yes, please explain further. Why do you feel the need to "approach" these guys? We definitely need more info.

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    What I meant by being lazy is after dinner going and watching TV instead of helping clean up. Being to occupied with playstation to help do station clean up, those kind of things. I said something to my officer and he said to confront him with examples and make him aware of the situation as he might not realize what he is doing. Give him the benefit of the doubt. I feel it is the senoirs guys place to say something before it gets to the Capt. If I can't handle it then it goes up the chain of command. Thanks again guys.

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    I've got 35 years in with three paid departments. Also time with a Volunteer department. To me that is clearly a station officer's responsibility. If the Officer doesn't get his people to work together cooperatively and smoothly in the station, he is not providing the leadership needed to transfer a working team to the fireground. Morale suffers, leadership dissapates and motivation is sapped. If your station officer chooses to ignore what is before his eyes, he is just telling you to go along with it. The whole station environment and teamwork will suffer, and the next in command officer will hopefully take your officer for a little "walk and chat".

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