Trying to catch up a little bit. This was a good job in Mount Vernon, NY. They got a very quick knock down. Heavy fire blowing out of the front 3 windows upon their arrival. They knocked it down as I walked up the block!

Date: 06/03/07
Time: 01:52 hours
Box #: Unknown (email if you have it)
Address: 64 Mount Vernon Ave X High Street
Building: 2 Story Brick MD 20X50
Fire Location: Top Floor

More Photos Here:

A nice job in Yonkers this afternoon. Of course it was knocked down when I got there but I managed a few shots. It is a mess up there. Water mains are laid on the street due to repair work. I am surprised there hasn't been anymore work up that way.

Date: 06/13/07
Time: 15:30 hours
Address: 90-92 Oliver Ave X Victor Street
Building: 4 Story Brick MD 100x50
Fire Location: 1st Floor

More photos here:

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