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    Question structural collapse facilities

    My department is looking to build a structural collapse training building. Is there a companycompanies that has different building plans available to gather ideas from like ther are for training towers? If not, does any one have ideas on different building plans/options?

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    I'd see if the boys in Rockford or Beloit would be willing to go in on one with you. Anyway I'd road trip down to the U of I to copy what they have. The collapse house is great, Southern Kane Co (North Aurora) has the same thing and I'm sure they would let you look around and get measurements. At U of I they have the Office prop, also very nice, and a collapse house in the lightweight rubble pile. If you have the room and money go for it.

    The ability to use it for shoring practice along with working in a confined area makes their stuff a great tool. I would seriously look at your two neighbors for assistance with funding, hell, call Elgin also, it is only about a hour away.

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    Check with Cherry Valley, They have the house. Also some great props at IFSI, but I doubt you could do much more than the house in Roscoe.

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    If you can swing a trip to College Station, TX You could visit the TEEX facility. We just had 6 guys from our department go for the structural collapse program there. They said it was awesome... YMMV.


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