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    Default Belgium: Firefighter killed, 4 injured in apparatus crash

    The fire department of Asse, Belgium (in the neighbor of Brussels) received a call for a structural fire this morning. While driving to the scene the engine with 5 firefighters aboard skid and made several head rolls before it stopped to a bridge. The driver of the engine, 56 year old fire fighter François De Ridder, died on scene. 1 other firefighter was injured while they feared for his life, another one was also seriously injured and 2 others suffered minor injuries. Firedepartments of Brussels, Opwijk, Londerzeel and Vilvoorde came to help with the incident and the initial call of a structural fire. The engine which crashed was a 2002 Mercedes Atego 1325F, build by Van Assche Fire.

    Some tragic pictures:

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to the brothers in Belgium and their families.
    RIP Brother François De Ridder.
    Godspeed to those involved.

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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!


    My deepest sympathies to the Asse Fire Department, the De Ridder family and the families of the injured firefighters.

    Sleep with angels, Francois

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    My sympathies for the families, colleagues and departments of all concerned.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for those injured.

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    We've opened a register to leave some words (my apologies, it's only in Dutch).


    (Name, Location, message)

    The funeral will be on saturday and will be a funeral with military honor.
    François De Ridder, 55yo, was also a member of the Belgian army where he had the rank of Adjutant-Major. He lead one of the famous music chapels of the Belgian Army.

    During the funeral the Belgian Minister of Internal Affairs will give François a postume Medal for courage & sacrifice...

    2 other firefighters are still in the hospital. One of them will be paralysed as result of the accident. The 2 others who were injured are allready out of the hospital.

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