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    Default Looking for Hazmat info

    I just tried to post a minute ago and it didn't work. So I am trying again, I know I don't belong here, but let me explain.. My name is Marianne I a 45, I drive School Buses normally, but because of high prices here in Northern California I am in search of a better career. I am also an instructor for First aid and CPR with the Red cross.. I recently got my license with a Hazmat/Tanker endorsement. I know very little about Hazmat, so if any of you know where I can find training here in Calif, good books to read, websites etc I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading this.


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    Default HazMat Info

    Try this:

    They are based in CA.


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    Default Thanks Jeremy

    I am also a lay responder First Aid CPR Instructor for the Red Cross, I recently joined the staff at San Benito/Monterey County from Santa Clara County Red Cross, they do not have any courses on Hazmat, mostly classes like blood born pathogens, etc.. I am going to see if the Red Cross maybe interested in getting more involved with Hazmat, and helping people who are exposed to chemicals and possibly something like chemical accident prevention etc.. so I appreciate the website link you sent.

    take care
    Marianne Kelly

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