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    Default Statewide written Test

    I have talked to my girlfriends father who is a firefighter, and he asked me since i have been taking tests for volunteers departments, and the last one that i took he said it looked like the test he took in the 80's. So my question is... Is there like a statewide written test that i can take that every department will look at my score and base whether or not to consider me take that departments physical agility test? Would greatly appreciate it.

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    WI does have a statewide test for firefighter, however not every community uses it. I believe Superior may still do as well as some other communities. A dept will have that on the job notice whether they use the statewide test or not.

    If they do, there are several areas where the test is administered so you don't have to go to the community to take the test. IE, I was able to take the state test for SFD while I was in Madison. After the test you will get a notice from the dept indicating whether you passed or not. The kicker about the state test is that if you did bad, you are stuck with your results for awhile. There is a time frame for how long the test results are good for....either 6 months or a year. So if you took the test and a month or two later you apply to another dept using the state test, you don't have to retake the test, your previous results will be used. However, the FD testing can set their own score cutoff, so if one dept has a minimum pass of 70% another may have it at 85%.

    Every dept does vary how they test, so your best bet is to apply where ever you can and take a variety of tests. It only makes you better.

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    I saw that all of those northern depts.(Superior, La Crosse, Eau Claire, etc.) all put out one notice of their hiring. I'm guessing maybe they all used that same test.

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    I can tell you Eau Clair has their own testing system unless they changed recently... Superior and la crosse use the same test score. If you take the test in superior, it is also good in la crosse.
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