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    Exclamation Yearly physical agility tests anyone???

    This is going to cause a backlash but here goes...

    I am a firm believer of yearly physical agility test for police and firefighters (career). I, as a FF/Paramedic, see too many police officers and firefighters out there who are in poor physical condition and question their ability to be involved in an ongoing strenuous activity related to their field of work (i.e. police foot chase, commercial or structure assignment for a FF). I know I am not the only one here who sees those individual who are gaining the spare tire around the waist. If you as a firefighter are going through a 45 minute bottle in <10 minutes then that is a huge concern to me.

    In the military we had to take a physical agility test at least once a year and if you couldn't pass it even with additional remediation then you were discharged and rightly so. I, having served on active duty for 4 years albeit 11 years ago, know the importance of being in shape, especially when it meant serving my country. Now I serve a city and maintain that level of discipline to this day. No, I am not a triathlete or anything of that nature, I strongly however that we should have a yearly physical agility test for the civil service employees with a graduated requirement chart based on your age group, same as in the military. This shouldn't be a radical idea, the fire and police organizations are paramilitary and are required to take part in a physical ability test prior to employment.

    How do you all feel about a yearly physical agility test? How about if it became a requirement a year from now? Six months from now?

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    I would support something like this because I think it would aid in mitigating unnecessary injuries and heart conditions. I can't really think of a more taboo topic in the fire service, though. Some people simply won't acknowledge the potential to work a job or multiple jobs in a shift's time when you consider urban sprawl departments accustomed to running medical calls and chasing smells and bells.

    It would require a lot of money/manpower to implement and would be greeted by a ton of resistance; but it makes good sense to do it. The job calls for it - why shouldn't we be prepared for it? Just think about how your heart wanted to beat out of your chest on the last interior attack you made, or heck.. the last charged line you stretched.

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