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    Default Aussies firefighting in US/Canada

    Im a fire-fighter for the DSE (Depertment of Sustainability & Environment) in Victoria, Australia and have been curious as to whether its possible to come to the US/Canada for seasonal firefighting?

    I've heard of some aussies that have done it, but don't know how to go about it!!
    Any advice, assistance, information would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Need an Australian Connection!

    Oklahoma City Firefighter's Wife here,
    I noticed you are from Australia. I posted a business opportunity for FF wives on the meet and greet section. The Network Marketing Company my business is with is launching in Australia in 2 weeks. I would love a connection and be able to have someone there join my team. There are several meetings at different convention centers. You can read the opportunity and go to the website www.arbonne.com. The company is leading the industry with the Direct Selling Association. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Denita Bennett
    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Default Dear Aussie

    If you are looking for seasonal firefighting in the states, you are pretty much looking at wildland firefighting. I've mostly been a structure guy with a little bit of volunteer wildland, but my brother and best friend did it for a couple summers. What you want to look for on the web is the "Bureau of Land Management" for whatever state it is you are looking to apply for. I would highly recommend Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas, as they usually have a large need for wildland firefighters. Try searching the web. I'm honestly not sure if they will hire a non-citizen, but that should be a lead to get you started. Someone else may have some other recommendations also, but thats a starting point. ...and Oh, they do get paid pretty well, but it's LONG hours.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for the responses so far! At the moment im still studying at University and am looking at coming over Mid-year 2009 (i know its a fair way off, but i thought id plan early).
    I was looking specifically at Wildland firefighting, but more specifically Hot Shot crews or even smoke jumpers. I understand that both of these types of crews are considered to be elite and competition to get into these crews is extremely stiff, but hey its a goal!!!
    The sort of work that the DSE (where i work) sounds very similar to the work Hot Shot crews do. Ie park maintenance when there isn't any fire situation and when there is, they hike into fire and use handtools to build control lines around the fire.
    As far as i know i think it is possible for Australian's to work overseas. I heard of one lady that orriginally worked for the DSE for a number of years went to work with the Sierra Hot Shot crew for a few years. She got that possition because her supervisor had a contact in that crew and she got a reference from him and got the job!!

    Anyway, any more info anyone is willing to give would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Also, just wondering what skin care has got to do with me wildland firefighting in America?!!?!?!
    If you are wondering what i'm on about, look at the first responce i got from Neeter

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    Default Firefighter exchange

    This isn't seasonal but an alternative none the less. A few years ago I was supposed to "swap" positions with a firefighter in Surfer's Paradise (Karl- can't remember his last name), Queensland, Australia. They offer an exchange program where you trade places (and living quarters) anywhere from 6 months to preferrable a year. You continue to get paid by your department and just trade places, except I couldn't be an officer there and vice-versa. After I jumped through all the hoops for my department, HR pulled the plug on the exchange because they couldn't figure out the insurance/workman's comp/legal issue. Needless to say, wasting a lot of my time in planning.

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