Lindon opts to stay with PG for safety, fire
STACY JOHNSON - North County Staff
Although Lindon and Pleasant Grove officials haven't seen eye-to-eye on public safety for the past couple of months, they are planning to stay together.

On Tuesday, Lindon City Council members decided to put off any major changes in police and fire services for now. Lindon contracts with Pleasant Grove for those services.

"Since public safety is of No. 1 importance for our citizens, I think that we need to take the time and have a strong desire to work things out," said Lindon Councilman Eric Anthony.

Miscommunications between the two cities sparked research by Lindon city officials into other options for police and fire services. In the past two months, they took bids from Orem and the Utah County Sheriff's Office, and also looked at the costs of starting their own department.

Lindon leaders were concerned about the level of ownership Lindon has in its public safety services, the level of accountability for Pleasant Grove and the level of information they receive from the Pleasant Grove officials.

Pleasant Grove officials, however, say that they feel they have given Lindon information, and that before now, Lindon did not express any desire for further information.

Tad Raban, employee of Pleasant Grove city and resident of Lindon, said that he's happy to see them trying to work things out.

"I have been in the meetings and from what I see, part of the problem is the communication between the two cities," Raban said. "It hasn't been face to face, and maybe in the future that would change."

Lindon and Pleasant Grove city leaders may meet soon to work on communication and information issues.

"I think it is important that we get busy to resolve some of the issues and make an educated decision about it," said Lindon council member Lindsey Bayless. "There is a lot of willingness, though, to solve these issues."

Police, fire and emergency personnel from Pleasant Grove's department at the meeting said that they were pleased with the willingness to stay.

"I'm excited to see them stick around and work it out," said Andrew Engemann, member of the Pleasant Grove Fire Department. "I think it will make it better for everybody."

Lindon officials also expressed a desire to begin working on a long-range plan for the city's public safety services that would eventually help them to start their own department.

"It's not so much an if, but a when we should launch our own department," said Lindon Councilman Bruce Carpenter. "We need to more thoroughly prepare so that when the time is right, we can do what is right for our citizens."