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Thread: Another FNG

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    Default Another FNG

    Hello all.

    My name is Larry and I am from North Texas. Here is a little about me.

    I have been a Volunteer FF/NREMT-B for 4 years with a small rural department.

    I passed the NREMT-I written test October of last year. I have not taken the practical yet.

    I have tested for my local Municipality three times:

    1.) November 2002. Didn't pass written, didn't go onto the physical.

    2.) December 2005. Passed written with a 76. Made top ten in the physical test. Made Oral and written assessment interviews, I did not make the Chief's interview. Didn't get hired.

    3.) June 16, 2007. I passed the written test with a 78 and passed the physical test, I was told I was number three in the physical. The Oral and written assessment interviews are coming up shortly.

    I am worried about my low written test score. Although, I plan on blowing them away in the Oral assessment interview. That is were you all come in, hopefully.

    I have turned in my Personal History statement.

    Do any of you have any advise for this next step?

    I was told that there are 53 other people that are moving on to the next round. The City is said to be hiring 12 for the Academy.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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    Congratulations on making it to the next step, if they hire 12 that is like a 1 and 4 chance of getting hired, probably even better odds when you think of the people that won't get through the background checks. Is this department the same department that you have mentioned that you tested for before? If so, when you did get a chiefs interview did you ask the interview panel what you could work on for the next test? Most departments have a general idea of the type of personality and mentality their candidates should have. As most people will agree the oral boards will either make you or break you. I don't know how this particular department does it's scoring, but the majority of departments are pass/fail when you are considering the written and physical test. Is this how this particular department does it or do you get ranked with each phase (written, physical, oral) if so, what percentage is each phase given? Is it equally weighted (33%) for each phase? My guess is that the oral boards will be weighed heavier on the whole testing process as to whether or not you get a job. There are plenty of people on this site that can offer great advance when dealing with the oral boards, I would try to contact them and get their professional advice, try CAPTBOB and others like that. Also try posting in the hiring and discussion form, you might get a better response that way. The best of luck to you Larry.

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    Thank you.

    Yes, I have tested at the same department three times. As far as I know they start the Elegibility list with the written score and the rest of the process is Pass/Fail.

    Once again, thank you. I will try to find the "Hiring and discussion form".


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