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    Default Well? Whats your thoughts?

    These kinds of stories always amaze me.

    When will some of us learn to stop embarrasing our Departments, Cities, families and ourselves?


    Fire chief charged with giving minors alcohol

    June 20, 2007

    The fire chief of Windsor Heights has been charged with providing alcohol to two of his underage sons and faces an additional third-degree harassment charge stemming from an incident earlier this month at Clive After 5.

    Milewski turned himself in to Clive Police Tuesday afternoon after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to a Clive Police Department news release. He was released after posting bond.

    The news release says that on June 8, Milewski let two of his underage children into the fenced area at Linnan Park where Clive After 5 is held. Beer is served in that area, which is restricted to those 21 and older.

    Witnesses said Milewski provided beer to his sons. Clive police officers working Clive After 5 were told of the two minors inside the fenced area and instructed them to leave. The officers were later told the minors had been drinking and Milewski provided them the beer.

    The news release says the harassment charge stems from statements Milewski allegedly made to city officials after his children were removed from the area.

    Windsor Heights City Administrator Marketa Oliver said she could not comment on Milewski’s job status because it is a personnel matter.

    When this first cam out (yesterday) he was placed on paid leave, apparently the kids were 15 and 18 (if that really makes a difference, minors are minors).

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    Hmmm I know that guy...

    I.A.C.O.J. Probie

    You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Lets not forget those lost on 9-11-01

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    Default i got one better about embarassing your dept and self

    firechiefs and officers are not always the best moral leaders..... this one guy on our dept- seemed decent enough very knowlegeable ---but actually seemed to like to be around the younger females and actually exchanged cell numbers with one highschool girl explorer and i heard the story of how he went to her house once that i know of when she called him whining she was depressed and just how hed act around the younger kids and like he was flirty is what others on our house felt. not a good call to put yourself in that kind of spot. This guy is like in his 40s i think and maybe an innocent thing but word gets around in a smaller city. Dont think id want to even put myself in that light. Don"t want my family to be embarrassed or my house or myself or profession. HOPE THIS GUY WHO GAVE ALCOHOL TO HIS KIDS LOSES HIS JOB!

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