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    Default Funeral Arrangements for Pujdak L-146

    Tuesday, June 26 at 11 a.m
    St. Cecilia RC Parish
    84 Herbert Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

    Directions: From Manhattan/Brooklyn/Staten Island
    Take the BQE-East to exit 33 (Humboldt Street/McGuiness Boulevard)
    Take exit 33 (Humboldt Street/McGuiness Boulevard)
    Take the fork in the ramp to the right to Herbert Street
    Proceed one block to North Henry Street
    Church is on the right

    From Queens/Long Island
    Take the BQE-West to exit 34 (Morgan Avenue/Meeker Avenue)
    Take the ramp to Meeker Avenue
    Turn left onto North Henry Street
    Church is on the left

    If anyone from out of State needs a place to crash contact me via PM.

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    Also the G and L trains stop nearby.

    I recomend using the trains as parking isn't easy to begin with and the flood of traffic on the tight and randomly laid out streets of Greenpoint won't make travel any easier.


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    Default place to stay

    Quote Originally Posted by ThNozzleMan
    Why? Because we are firemen. We are decent human beings. We would be compelled by the overwhelming impulse to save an innocent child from a tragic, painful death because in the end, we are MEN.

    I A C O J

    Honorary Disclaimer: While I am a manufacturer representative, I am not here to sell my product. Any advice or knowledge shared is for informational purposes only. I do not use Firehouse.Com for promotional purposes.

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    Its going to be hot, make sure you hydrate!

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    Hi my name is Sebastian and I am hear just to say God bless Daniel and his family. His father was my teacher this past year, and my heart goes out to him. He is a great teacher and im sure he was a great father. Im will try my best to make the funeral tomorrow to support Mr. Leon Pujdak but am not 100% i can.
    God Bless

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