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    Unhappy 14 LODDs: Helicopter crew crash

    Even though some are far away, you know, this site has been getting a fair number of international responses to the Charleston 9. Even so, there are now fourteen families mourning the loss of fathers/husbands/sons (and perhaps mothers/wives/daughters?) in Mongolia. Amazingly, eight firefighters survived, some trapped and injured, for three days before being rescued.

    From TSL:

    Mongolian officials have recovered the remains of 14 firefighters
    whose helicopter crashed into a mountain last week en route to a
    forest fire. Eight firefighters survived the crash. The helicopter, a
    Russian Mi-8, was lost on Wednesday as it flew to a forest fire in
    north central Mongolia. Officials did not find the crash site until
    Saturday. Medical crews discovered survivors trapped in the wreckage,
    said Emergency Minister S. Otgonbayar. The helicopter was part of the
    Mongolian Defense Ministry's fleet. Among the dead were two of
    three pilots.
    RIP, brothers.
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    RIP, brothers
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    Unhappy Geeeeezzz

    Rest peacefully

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    My thoughts and prayers are with all their families and friends. May God's Angels wrap them in love and peace.

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    RIP brothers

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    Default Rest and Peace, Brothers

    Sometimes, with as hectic as our lives become, we can overlook the fact there are those brave souls in other parts of the world who answer the call when fire threatens just as we have here. This is indeed tragic news and the thoughts and prayers of this family of firefighters (past, present and future), go out to the family, friends and coworkers of the fallen. May the Good Lord lift them upon high and send loving comfert to those affected by this terrible loss.

    Peace and Rest, Brothers.

    Also, we pray for the quick recovery of those Brothers left injured.

    Get well soon.
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    Default Hate to hear of the loss, but happy for the survivers

    Rest peacefully to the Dearly Departed brave.
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