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    Default What step in bag/duffle bag?

    Hello everyone. I recently became a volunteer at one of the departments in my town. Since I will be responding to the scene in my POV I will be carrying my turnout gear with me most of the time. My question is this, is getting something similar to the Galls step in bag or just a turnout duffel bag going to be better. I would like to get something that lasts no matter which way I decide to go. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks again!

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    I have this for my ARFF gear and really like it.


    and i have this for my structural gear..


    I prefer the larger bag i use for my ARFF gear. There is quite a bit more space and it seems to be built much better..


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    If you have to carry your gear with you, get a gear bag. It reduces the clutter, and it somewhat protects your gear from the elements. Just remember to try to keep your gear out of sun, and out of places like the locked trunk in the summer. It won't ruin the gear, but it will knock the lift span of it way down over time.

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    Like was previously mentioned, keeping your gear in a bag is the best thing for several reasons..........1) keeps the clutter down in your car by keeping it all in one spot 2)keeps it from getting your car dirty 3) protects it from UV rays from the sun. Something I did many moons ago when I was in a volly dept as a home responder, I kept a change of clothes, plus extra socks and a towel in there too. I have a HUGE duffel bag that I got from an army navy surplus store for $10. My current dept, issued a gear bag that requires you to stuff all your gear in and it barely zips closed. I'm not sure of the cost, but most bags that are "turnout gear bags" cost a little more that a plain old duffel bag. Hell I bet I could stuff at least one of my kids if not both into the $10 bag I have. Hope you find what you're looking for.

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    Thanks for all the responses I am definitely going to purchase a bag for the gear. Thanks again!

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