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    Default Health and Wellness Iniative

    Any smaller career departments out there that have successfully implemented the Health and Wellness Iniative? Looking to put that or something like that in the next contract, looking for input. Also, somewhat related, anyone ever negotiate 1500 into a contract. We're a smaller local, only 27 union members, trying to overcome the past. Thanks.

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    We have a 50 member dept. IAFF. We get 500.00 bonus per year if we can redo the entrance fitness test. NO problem for most.

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    Our Local has 19 members, our fitness incentive is passing a CPAT test twice year (without weight vest....) and you get a 150 dollar incentive. A lot of guys like it, because its an easy test and an easy 300 bucks. Some of us dont like it because its too slack. But at least its something .

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