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    Ok, so i work for a small department that is going through some issues right now and we are looking for solutions. Right now we work 12's. there are only a total of 7 pais staff here including cheif. right now we have just lost a captin and are loosing another engineer. we work with one engineer on from 0700-1900. then the next guy comes on from 1900-0700. The night guy works the dispatch center every night, dispatching for police, fire and ems... we answer the 911, page it out, then we run to the rig and respond and rely on volunteers to show up for assistence.... Not to safe sounding huh...? Anyways the delima we face is because we are short staffed, and we really dont like to dispatch, we wanna get out of it. I thought of working the modified kelly, 24 on,24 off, 24 on,24 off, 24 on, 4 days off. im not sure what sugestions to make to cheif or what options their are....? and we are a fairly busy dept running approx 1500 calls a years. Any suggestions?

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    We are on 24 off 72 with 2 paid firefighters and a dispatcher per shift.

    The dispatcher takes the call from 911, direct call, alarm panel or walk in of the street and dispatches the 2 on duty staff and if more are needed he pages for the volunteers.

    The dispatcher does not leave his post for 24 hours.

    Why don't you have a full time dispatcher and that would stop some of the problem.

    Other than that if the dispatcher/engineer goes on the call who handles the control centre for other emergency services and or enquires.
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    Well see the thing is, is that we have 2 fulltime dispatchers already. but, they work monday through friday 7-5. Stupid I know. The city doesnt make enough money to hire another 2 or even 1 dispatcher. And as far as coverage goes, after we respond, the engineer on call comes in and takes over. So for the time that he's responding and the on duty is out, one of the cops covers. And if the cops are all busy then we have a control panel to switch the 911 to tranfer to one of our mutual aid agencies. Its a crazy and unsafe process they have here. We are currently looking for 2 more engineers right now, but if we want to do away with us doin the dispatching, we have to give up those two engineer spots. which staffs us with a total of 3 engineers, 1 Lt., and cheif. Lol... Huge mess!

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