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    Quote Originally Posted by formerOHvolly View Post
    Still the new guy, so for what it's worth...

    The lack of adequate manpower on scene is a troublesome issue, particularly in this age of declining revenues, increased costs, rising demands for service, and expanded missions (Haz-mat, Technical Rescue, EMS First Responder/Patient Transport, CBRNE/WMD, etc.). It is a sad statement of fact, to say the days of five to seven men on an engine and two piece companies are, as far as I know at least, bygone memories. Having to do more with less is, in many instances, the name of the game, now.

    I agree that it is an issue, maybe even the biggest issue for some, but not the only issue.

    Nor, frankly is the lack of sprinklers in most structures. In a perfect world there would be automatic sprinklers in every occupied dwelling, place of assembly, school, church, nightclub, bar, brothel, barn and retail, wholesale and manufacturing occupancy in the nation. But, it isn't a perfect world, and we have to play the cards we're delt.

    But, the points Bones42 makes are still valid, the need for more resources (manpower)needs to be addressed and splinklers (along with smoke detectors) save lives, and there should be a concerted effort on the part of firefighters (career and volunteer/POC) and our various organizations to bring about increased manpower availability and an increase in sprinklered buildings, and to those I say:

    A. Laws requiring sprinklers in more structures can be passed, given enough weight being brought to bear upon the lawmakers. If only we could unite enough registered voters behind such a measure. It may just be necessary to find the one sad factual story that brings the fervoured outcry the politicos heed, and show the right group of citizens to start it rolling.

    And, technology could, possibly play a role in overcoming the arguments against retrofitting existing structures, in that computer aided design and modern materials, like cross-linked poyethelene which can be snaked through walls like a cable, could lower materials and labor costs.

    B. When faced with a known lack of manpower where additional hiring (or recruiting) is not practical, preplanned or automatic mutual aid or additional resources being dispatched on size-up of a "Working Fire" could go a long way in resolving the issue. But, again, this may require a poltical solution in that the elected officials often pooh-pooh on such ideas as AMAR, boundry dropping, collaborative purchases, etc.

    But, can't we agree finding a technological innovation such as a TI in SCBA facepieces which would allow each individual firefighter to increase the area searched while reducing the time it takes to do it is not any less important. It may mean more lives saved until everything is sprinkled.

    Well that's another two cents worth, from me.

    Very Very Good. Great Add to it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DrParasite View Post
    while it sounds like a good idea, what happens if it malfunctions? what happens when you have a white out effect in your mast that you can't shut off? or it turns on at a hazmat incident, when you def don't want it?

    don't get me wrong, I love new gadgets as much as the next guy. But speaking as one who had a HUD malfunction, even for 10 sec in training, it can both throw you for a loop, as well as cause you to lose focus.

    I may be in the minority, but when it comes to my air supply (mask and SCBA), I would rather keep it simple. fewer parts to break, fewer things to go wrong
    Or what if you need a TI in an environment where you don't need a mask? Search and rescue outside; size up at a fire or car accident; alarm call/odor investigation; evaluating a scene with down power lines...whatever it is. Yes, a TI in the mask would be cool. But it would unintentionally limit people to using the TI only when they had their masks on. There are many more uses than just navigating in a structure fire.
    My comments are sometimes educated, sometimes informed and sometimes just blowing smoke...but they are always mine and mine alone and do not reflect upon anyone else (especially my employer).

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    Instead of TIC's in mask, why not practice searching? Technology fails. Often when you need it most. Why not drill drill drill on the basics. Leave the TIC for the officer so he can keep tabs on you.

    I don't need anything making the SCBA heavier, bulkier, more complicated or more prone to failure. I don't even want that worthless HUD air display on it.
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