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    Default Opportunity for Firefighter Wives

    Hello to all,
    Oklahoma City Firefighter wife here. I have a business opportunity for other Firefighter wives and I would like to share it with you. My name is Denita Bennett I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. My husband is a Major with the Oklahoma City Fire Department which is also where we live.
    I wanted to share with you this amazing business opportunity and give you some information about our company. Arbonne is a Swiss Skin Care and Wellness Company. All products are formulated in Switzerland and made right here in the U.S.A. We are a Network Marketing Company which allows anyone the freedom to set their own work hours, work from home, and work this business along side their current profession. I am also an interior decorator and working my Arbonne business along side that. They are launching in Australia next month and then in the UK in early November, so there is so much room for growth and now is the time to be invovled!

    Arbonne is more than just a skin care company. It is about personal growth and goal setting. I know several individuals first hand that have gone through some very hard times and Arbonne has helped them out of the slums of life. I am all for a company that gives individuals the ability to provide for their families and better their lives at the same time. Arbonne does that! It is a very TEAM orientated company. I know many of the Firefighters here have 2nd even 3rd jobs to maintain our out of control economy and to cover the monthly bills. My husband just had his 20th year with OCFD and there is nothing more I would like to do than to retire him at 25 yrs. With Arbonne that is a very realistic goal. I am trying to build a team and would like to focus on the Fire Department family. Many firefighter wives here are looking for something they can do from home to help provide for their families. Arbonne is just the thing! The products are truly amazing and there is something for every member of the family. I am not sure if you have Firefighter Wives groups, but I would be interest in that information. This is a business that is typically done by women, but more and more men are becoming involved. Many married couples are doing the business together and having great success. Below is what the company is saying about going into Australia . . . .and the UK . . . .
    When you’re the industry leader and continually setting the standard year after year, borders and boundaries don’t necessarily apply. In fact, for a flourishing company such as Arbonne, the end of one frontier is merely the beginning of another. And with a dedicated network of Independent Consultants, a comprehensive line of exclusive products, and a dynamic opportunity for everyone involved, it was only a matter of time before word about Arbonne got out and the immediate need to expand internationally became clear. And now, as we gear up to launch into Australia and beyond, the message is loud and clear—that this exceptional blend of people and products is spreading … and your bright dreams for the future are just about to take off!
    I would be glad to send an information packet to anyone interested along with samples. It includes our compensation plan, product list, company information and our demographics map so you can see what is happening here in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S. I am available for a phone conference and you can e-mail me with any questions. I am also attaching the link for a news story done in Chicago about Arbonne. Please view that as well. http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?sec...age&id=5326367

    You can go to www.arbonne.com and view the company and all the amazing products they offer. Ultimately, I am looking to expand my team and at the same time build a network of repeat customers who will buy directly from Arbonne. Nothing would be better than to do this with others in the Fire Department Family!

    Denita Bennett
    Executive Area Manager
    Arbonne International

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    Smile Opportunity

    Was curious is anyone had gone to www.arbonne.com? Just did an event for some FF wives here in OKC and had great turnout and results! Tons of excitement brewing around here. Anyone interested in doing the same or learning more please contact me at tbennett82@cox.net. By the way this is not anything like Mary Kay or Avon!

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