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    Default I smell smoke!

    What's burning in your neck of the woods? There's been some activity in Michiana lately.

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    This morning the Culligan Water store went up down here in Clarksville. Recieved the call around 5:50 - and had it out in about 90 minutes.

    The newspaper should have some decent pictures around soon. I'll post links later.

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    We had a car fire the other night that created an exposure problem to the house it was up against. The car was rolling, but luckily the house wasn't too badly damaged. The car seemed to be a torch job.

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    Nothing that I know of in Dubois County. Just some MVA's

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    Washington IN. has been busy since the Mark Kelsey(one of the Charleston 9) was layed to rest here. After(6-27-07) his funeral we had a structure fire in a house with all utilities shut off. Since then:
    7-1-07 at 0012 Structure
    7-5-07 at 1901 Attic Fire
    7-6-07 at 0244 Structure minor damage
    7-9-07 at 0014 Structure minor damage
    at 0424 Detatched Garage w/exposure damage
    at 2111 Structure minor damage
    7-10-07 at 0150 Motel fire- was built in 1880 and was not occupied. Had arials from Vincennes City, Vincennes TWP, and Jasper along with our quint. Lost the building but saved the block on historic main street.
    8-4-07 at 0251 Structure fire was contained to kitchen but house had major smoke damage. Called in as entrapment. Occupants got out through bathroom window.

    City of Washington

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