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    Hi guys, I'm in E.M.T training right now, after I graduate I am going into the Fire Academy in Sarasota Fl, I was wondering if there are any vets who could give me advice once in a while, if I have any questions, which I'm sure I will, LOL
    also, I was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction as far as turnout gear is concerned, what is the best brand, who offers the best deals and since I live in Florida, which one will allow my body to breath and not overheat me and also not keep the sweat in and so on and so forth.
    Thanks, Max

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    I'm also in EMT training but I only have two days left and then all my tests but none the less try getting on a volunteer department if there's any of them around you and they will give you your turn out gear that they will most likely let you use unless there's a vet. that's got a problem with it. I just graduated HS a month ago and already am almost done with my FF1 and FF2 training and like I said I only have two classes left so we're kinda in the same shoes. Go for the academy because it will do you really good when it comes time to turn in applications. You're also on the right foot with jumping into EMT school cuz that will already put you ahead of the applications for guys without the EMT Cert. But keep on with it and good luck

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    There are dozens of people right here on this board who are more than willing to share their advice. While we don't all agree (kind of like a firehouse), there will be alot of advice that you can sift through.

    Regardless of who is giving you advice (myself included), it's up to you to determine what works for you.

    I would also encourage you to knock on the door of the local firehouse and ask for their advice.

    Good luck to you.
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Good job dude!! Two thumbs up!! Well i was in the same shoes and it will be tough at times! What ever you do DONT GIVE UP!!!!! It will mean the world to you at the end when you and your freinds are talking about your jobs and you tell them about the house fire you had on your last shift. Well I cant give any advice on gear sorry Im from louisiana! Its a Great filling when you go to a interview and you show them your certs!! It ment the world to me! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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