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    Default Fireworks Safety Reminder

    Hey, I know who we are and what we do for "fun" as far as fire related activities go, but seasonal reminders of "Do as I say - not as I do" are always good to pass on:

    Fearful Of Fires, Va. Forestry Officials Urge Fireworks Caution

    The Virginia Department of Forestry is encouraging people to be cautious when using fireworks for the upcoming holiday because of the dry conditions in some parts of the state.

    Forestry officials said fireworks can generate intense heat that can spark fires in parched grass or shrubbery.

    So far this year, Norfolk has received 14.02 inches of precipitation -- 7.51 inches below normal. The department has reported hundreds of wildfires, which burned more than 7,000 acres in the spring.

    The department has urged people to avoid using back-yard firework displays and encouraged them to instead attend professional displays.

    Local animal groups have also urged residents to mindful of pets and livestock that may be frightened by the loud noises caused by fireworks. Animal control officials said animals spooked by the noise can potentially injure people, themselves or become traffic hazards.

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.

    Boy's Pants Set On Fire By Lit Sparkler

    POSTED: 9:40 am EDT June 27, 2007

    CHESTER, Md. -- Authorities said a 9-year-old Queen Anne's County boy was flown to a Baltimore hospital Tuesday after he put an ignited sparkler in his pocket and his pants caught fire.

    According to the State Fire Marshal's Office, the boy was outside of his home in Chester, Md., when he put several sparklers in his pants. They said one of the sparklers was lit.

    The boy's pants burst into flames, causing second-degree burns to his legs and minor burns to both of his hands, officials said.

    The boy was flown to the Johns Hopkins Burn Center in Baltimore.

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.

    Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July! For those who have the "joy and privilage" of working that day: stay safe out there.
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    Idaho fireworks dealers discovered a loophole in the Idaho Fireworks Law several years ago.

    Exploitation of the law has spread to every community in the state.

    Dealers sell you what ever you ask for, artillery shells, sky rockets, fire crackers etc. The only requirement is for the "illegal" stuff, you sign a statement that you won't be setting it off within the State of Idaho.

    I have seen 3" and 4" mortar shells in some stands.

    It is up to each community and county to place tighter restrictions. Ada County is the only county I personally know off to be actively fighting the sale of these devices. Boise and Meridian have their own rules about what is legal/illegal. The Rural Fire District, this year, decided not to approve the sale of fireworks in their district period.

    In my community, the Mayor and City Council decided we can't afford the enforcement costs to enforce fireworks rules. It was a free for all last year. Luckily, to the best of my knowledge, we didn't have any fireworks caused fires.

    This year we aren't so lucky. We had a grass fire two days ago caused by kids with fireworks.

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    And from NFPA...

    July 4th injury prevention means leaving fireworks to pros
    Family's tragedy drives effort to prevent fireworks accidents

    Please read the news release below.

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