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    Thumbs up 48-96 work schedule

    I know this has been posted before. I am trying to see about going to this work schedule. I have been to 48-96.com and it is a great website.

    There is only one issue that I cannot see. How do all the depts on the schedule work their OT?

    Most guys that are interested do not want to work past their 48 hours. So how is OT worked out at shift change when their is OT avaialble?

    Does the shift that has been off 48 hours pick up the OT? Would that mean A covering for C, B covering for A, C covering for B?

    I really like the concept of 48-96, just need to figure out the OT issue before trying to "sell" it to the guys. Thanks for any help.

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    I am not onthe schedule (yet), but from what I have heard, wworking OT is not an issue. From what I have gathered, you are "off duty so offen" that picking up OT when you want it is no big deal.

    Most departments use a "telestaff" program and personnel make themselves avail. for the OT. If you get forced/mandatoryed, then you just do.

    Again, being on a consant 4 days really makes the OTs and forced days no big deal. Please PM me for more info.

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