I put this in the HAZMAT threads also but I wanted to get the word out. .. At least to the firefighters who are Techs also I feel this is important and needs to be passed on......

Letter one
June 26,2007

Subject: Important Safety Notice for all DuPont Tychem Level A Chemical Protective Suits.
Lab Safety Supply has been recently notified by Dupont that, while their suits have a published five year shelf life based on manufacture date stamped in the suit, the valve diaphragms used for all their Tychem Level A Chemical Suits need to be replaced on a two year interval. Please review the enclosed notice from Dupont.
Dupont is offering a free of charge replacement valve diaphragm for all suits that are still within the service life of the suit. To obtain your replacement part, please contact Dupont at 1-800-931-3456. You will need to provide them the modle and serial number of the suit (printed on the tag inside the suit)
We regret any inconvencience this notification may create. If you have any questions or need additional details related to your Lab Safety Supply order, please feel free to contact our customer Service Department at 1-800-356-0783 extension 2200


Rafe Munz
Recall Coordinator


Mike Stearns
Technical Services Supervisor

The second letter reads:

Important Notice-Action Required

We wish to advise you of an important addendum to the DuPont Tychem Level A garment inspection policy. DuPont is recommending that all Tychem Level A suits purchased from May 2002 through June 2007 need to have a valve diaphragm replaced.
The valve manufacturers, Auer and Pirelli, recommend routine replacement of the valve diaphragm every two years as part of routine maintenance.

To assist you in making this replacement, DuPont offers to provide, free of charge through October 1, 2007, valve diaphragms for Tychem Level A garments purchased between May 2002 and June 2007. This replacement does not apply to garments purchased prior to May 2002, as in accordance with Dupont recommendations on useful shelf life, these garments should be taken out of service and considered for training purposes only.

You may Contact Dupont Personal Protection directly to obtain the replacement Auer or Pirelli valve diaphragm free of charge through October 1, 2007

1-843-335-5308 Fax

To obtain the free valve diaphragm from DuPont, the following information is required from you:

* Serial Number of the suit
* Date of Purchase of the suit
* Type of suit (i.e. Part Number)

Dupont will have replacement diaphragms in stock within the next two weeks and will expedite shipment to you once the diaphragms are in stock.

As a reminder, as part of routine maintenance, DuPont requires inspection of Tychem Level A suits upon purchase, prior to each use and annually. These inspections should include pressure testing the garments and examining the valve diaphragm and zipper. This annual routine maintenance plan is the responsibility of the end user. Instructions on this routine maintenance plan are included in DuPont product literature and are also located on the DuPont website.
Additionally, inspections for inspecting and replacing the valve diaphragm are found at
Or you can call Customer Service at 1-800-931-3456 to obtain printed instructions.