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    Default Any NSW RFS people out there...???


    Are there any New South Wales RFS volunteers out there, if so, send me a line. I'm near completion of the BF course (Sutherland NSW) and would like the opportunity to use this forum for discussion with other RFS members on various issues.


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    Hey, I see this post is a few weeks old, but I'm in the RFS and also RAFT. I'm in northern NSW at the moment but have been in brigades in other parts of the state. I'm just new to RAFT and haven't yet done a season with them, but this season I'll be set.

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    Default Any NSW RFS people out there...?

    Yeah, one more here...
    I'm with RFS Byron Bay and have worked overseas as well. I'm also interested in discussing various issues and viewpoints with other RFS members in the state and nationally.

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