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    Default boom...uuuuhhh...bang.....aaaa hhhh

    happy 4th everyone....stay safe.

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    I was.
    My birthday is the Fourth and the best fireworks related one I had was 1982 when my Uncle the doctor and his pharmacist went to Kansas from Oklahoma to buy $600 worth of fireworks.This was when $600 would fill the back of a long wheelbase 1981 Chevy C-10 Silverado from bottom to top(it had a cap on it)and front to rear.
    We started shooting fireworks off about noon and went to well after midnight.
    I'm not talking about unwrapping the ladyfingers and lighting them one by one.I am talking entire strings one after the other,massive launches of bottle rockets,sparklers etc.
    I don't remember eating that day but no one got hurt and the reason the Sheriff didn't come out to talk to anyone was because he was there with his kids as well.
    Still,I agree with the "Have a safe and happy Fourth of July"sentiment.

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