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    15 46.88%
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    6 18.75%
  • 6-15 calls about fireworks

    3 9.38%
  • 16 or more calls about fireworks

    8 25.00%
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    Default Poll = # of calls thus far asking "when are the fireworks"

    15 calls about the time of the fireworks thus far and its only 3pm today...

    Just curious how many you've gotten at your station.

    I guess it would be bad to tell them we did it around 10am wouldn't it?

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    I worked at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio a few years ago. People would come up all the time, and ask this exact question,

    "What time does the 10 o'clock laser light show start?"

    Our reply,

    "1130, but you might want to get there around ten so you can find a place to watch."

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    Talking Nope.............

    None. Nien. Nyet. Nada............. Absolutely Zero.

    And There's a good reason.............

    Ready for this ? ................

    WE HAVE:




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    My City puts on the display and we have a crew on standby, but otherwise we have no responsibility for the show. Naturally, everyone and their dog calls the firehouse to find out what time the show is.

    Thanks for the thread, by the way. I was just wondering myself if anyone else went through this every year.

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    Our Department has been flooded with calls about when the neighboring cities fireworks start. I'd like to say...well, it was on a need to know basis and since its not in our city....we don't need to know, but instead, we just read it to them out of the newspaper

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    Well... we had fireworks.... and only one incident... please refer to thread "First MCI" for greater detail.
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    So many idiots call the police and fire dispatch phone numbers looking for this information. If you call the PD, there is an automated answering system. Before you even get to an option to press for the dispatcher, there is an option for pre-recorded special events information. But somehow, these idiots overlook that and go through the options to speak to the dispatcher. This same information is also published in every local and regional news paper and on the local public access TV station for weeks leading up to the fireworks/concert/parade.

    So my personal opinion on these idiots is that if they are stupid/lazy enough to not figure it out the same way everyone else does, I'm not helping them either. I refuse to cater to them. I tell them all to go find a news paper or turn on the TV because there is too much information to give out over the phone and we are busy with real police/fire business to hold their hand. Either that or call back and pay attention to the options on the automated system, that is why it is there.

    Then of course the night-of, we'll be out blocking roads and doing traffic details. You get the moron that rolls their window down and asks "whats going on?" Of course, the said idiot lives there on the shore for the last 20 years and still hasn't figured it out.
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    I'm not sure my station got any calls. But then again, if we did, the only person who's there to answer was the old ex-chief who sits around the firehouse during the day. But that's only if he heard the phone ring....

    But our fireworks were canceled for last night due to the weather. But every Thursday our town has fireworks anyway. So there are fireworks tonight (if the weather holds). One perk of being a tourist town - weekly fireworks in the summer time

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    Worked county fire dispatch on the 4th. At least 50 calls for fireworks in 12 hours. Told everybody same thing, 10 pm. Come to find out I was wrong about one of them. Oops.
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    Our town isn't having fireworks but there is a private business sponsoring a large display at their facility tonight. I got in @ 1700hrs tonight and so far we've recieved 27 calls(we thought it'd be fun to count) and the best part is we don't have any info on them!

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    A year or two ago, the city-sponsored fireworks display was running behind schedule. So, what did a few curious citizens do? They called 911 to find out what the problem was...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozmosis View Post
    A year or two ago, the city-sponsored fireworks display was running behind schedule. So, what did a few curious citizens do? They called 911 to find out what the problem was...

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