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    Late Tuesday night my department ran a "Fire: Nature Unknown," it turned out to be an overturned vehicle in a creek bed fully involved. One patient (the driver, 19 y.o. Male) was ejected from the vehicle, and the passenger (17 y.o. Male) was trapped inside. They were brothers. By the time of our arrival the passenger was deceased, the driver is still in critical condition. It was a fairly traumatic wreck, and a couple of the guys on my department are having a tough time dealing with it. We have a formal debriefing scheduled for tonight. I personally am not to phased by the situation but the other members are and I really dont know how to go about talking to them about it. Any suggestions on how to help them?

    One of our newer members was honestly thinking about turning in his gear, and a few members from other departments had to walk away because they couldn't handle the sight.

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    Sorry to hear that brother. We have had a good many traumatic incidents like that. The post incident debrief really does help out a lot though.

    God bless.

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