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    Default Mobile Data Terminals

    We are considering installing Mobile Data Terminals in our rigs and I wanted to hear from other folks as to how you are using them and how they are working out. We have a few options for connecting to our CAD and need input from those with some experience.

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    They work great to check out youtube on our Heavy Rescue

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    Our department is considering them as well. A neighboring department has them in all of their trucks, and they seem to like them a lot.

    Brady Lewis
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    My department has 2 MDT's and they seem to work ok. We seem to have problems with mounting them in an area that is out of the way of other important items but keeping them with in reach.

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    Default Mobile Data Computers

    Our Department is currently installing Panasonic Toughbooks into our apparatus. we have been wireless for about 2 years now, first with our fire Prevention , now we are adding 6Tougbbooks with Verizon large area network. we use terminal serves with a dedicated IP Address. The apparatus will be able to enter fire reports 'look up pre-plan information, Mapping and much more. Is anyone wants more information please feel free to email me at wsmith@fairfieldnj.org


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    Default Mobile Data Terminals

    My department has 3 MDT already in use and we will be installing 4 additional MDT next week. We are using Verizon Wireless large area network and terminal server. Now we can enter fire reports in the field, lookup pre-plan data, mapping and much more. If any on wishes more information about the use of terminal server or MDT's please feel free to contact me at wsmith@fairfieldnj.org

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    We are currently running 8 MDT's ( toughbooks with VZW service ) and have access to our dispatch as well as running our mapping software, IM, GPS,and soon will be running Video in the units. We are due to put another 2 or 3 on line in the next year also.

    If you know the limitations, and the learning curve of your department, they are a real blessing. If you think they will solve all your problems... well...

    I've structured our MDT program to be an " in addition to" technology that we have, and not a use it or else change. At fist there was some resistance to the units, and I heard a lot of complaints about everything from where they were mounted, to they software not being reliable. Now ( 2 years later ) I hear complaints when the units are down.

    MDT's are more than a technology and workflow change in a department, they are a cultural change to0. We and everyone else will have their hold-outs, and in reality, that's OK. You just have to go into the process knowing that it takes time and there will be some big bumps in the road.

    We've had to do this on the cheap so if any of you have questions and need a good real world solution, drop me a PM and if there are any questions I can answer, I'll be happy to help you out.

    Brent Gaskey
    FF/EMT and IT Geek
    Lebanon Fire
    Local 2163
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