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    Default NFPA standards on turnouts

    It seems that either I have read or heard some where, that there was either a NFPA or OSHA standard for having 2 sets of turn outs. My department had received a grant this year for new turnouts. There is enough new turnouts and ones already issued for everyone to have 2 sets. When we found out we got the grant of chief stated that everyone would have 2 sets issued. The chief has sense retired and now our interim (Division) chief said he will not allow us to have 2 sets of them. What I am looking for is any NFPA or OSHA standards with the standards number to research this and bring to the division chief's attention.

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    anyone have anything to offer on this?

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    You can contact NPFA.org and they will sell you the standard and then you will know the answer.

    We supply all our members with two sets of turnouts coats, trousers, boots, hoods and gloves. They wear the same helmet.
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