I am in the early stages of establishing protected territories for a brand new "service" related business that I have started that I believe is a perfect match for profesional firefighters looking to suppliment their income. I have perfected a proprietary system for eliminating mosquitos from around homes and yards. The system is 100% effective in killing existing mosquitos as well as providing a 3-4 week barrier against reinfestation. Depending upon the length of the "mosquito season" in your area you can easily make $20k to $40K per year on your days off. I'm doing it now...everything about it is easy and I know that it works. Along with a protected territory I will provide all of the training from how to get customers to how to kill the mosquitos. I've designed the entire program to suit the needs of the working firefighter. There are no fees for the protected territories or training. I make my money as a small percentage of your customer billing. You will need to initially invest approximately $1500 for equipment and marketing and you will need a vehicle...preferrably a truck. I AM very particular as to who will be awarded the territories. I wish I could provide more info here, but space is limited. If you are interested please email me an informal resume and we will discuss the opportunity further via email and/or telephone. My email is joz@charter.net

Thanks to all of you firefighters for your service!! My father was Chief of a small volunteer department and I served as the RTO when I was 10 years old...probably not qualified and looking back he probably only let me do it so that my mother would let him out of the house.