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    Angry NFPA 1582 Can they pick and choose

    I have a question regarding how NFPA 1582 (Medical Standards) are applied. Can a department administration choose which sections of the standard they wish to enforce? I was terminated from my department after 10 years of full-time service for a medical condition, because according to the department I failed to meet the requirements. However, when I looked at the standard I found that not only did I, but several of the members of the department did not meet the requirements. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and was taken off line and placed in a prevention position until a seizure was used as my reason for termination. A few other members of the department have had back surgery (multiple surgeries), hip replacements, knee replacements and other medical conditions yet none of them were put under the requirements of NFPA 1582. When I discussed this with the fire chief he stated that between the occupational Dr. for the city and himself, they didnt feel the other conditions had the same concern or danger that my condition did. Has anyone out there heard of this type of thing or did I get the shaft?

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    sounds like discrimination to me

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    According to the ADA Act of 1990 a Fire Department must make "reasonable accommodations" if it does not create "undue hardship". If your seizures put others in danger you would have a tough time fighting it. However, in a light duty position such as prevention, as long as you can prove that you can do the required job task, I would sue their ***.

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